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Superior Occupational Health Services for Employers and Patients

Our experts at Monument Occupational Medicine are committed to providing comprehensive occupational health services based on the highest standards within the industry today. We offer access to an experienced staff of trained medical professionals who can answer any of your questions and guide you in choosing the ideal service for your health and business requirements.

Our full suite of services includes:

COVID-19 (Coronavirus Testing)

We currently offer COVID-19 antibody testing that identifies if individuals may have been infected with the Coronavirus.

Walk-in Clinic Services

We now accept patients on a walk-in basis and with no appointment required. We offer and treat basic medical services, such as routine vaccinations, evaluation of cold and flu symptoms, and treatment for less severe physical injuries. Specific services include:

  • Flu test
  • Strep test
  • Mono test
  • Lab services
  • Prescription refills
  • Eye exams
  • Specialist referrals
  • Abscess removal
  • Auto/personal injuries
  • General physical exams

Respirator Physicals & Fit Tests

Respirator physicals determine if your employees can safely wear respirators on the job. Respirator physicals are often coupled with a respirator fit test. Respirator fit tests are required for all tight-fitting respirators, including both supplied-air respirators and air-purifying respirators.

Urine Drug Testing

We can complete comprehensive urine testing during the pre-employment phases.

Breath Alcohol Testing

Our team completes leading-class breath-alcohol testing for prospective employees.

Vision Testing
We offer a full range of vision testing services.

Slit Lamp Testing

Our slit lamp testing enables a full view of the eye structure and the person’s general eye health.


Our audiograms test a person’s hearing and measure their ear performance in various areas.


Our HAZMAT experts measure a person’s exposure to hazardous materials while reporting on dangerous conditions.

Tetanus Vaccine

We can offer the tetanus vaccine to workers in various industries.

Lab/Blood Work

Our lab/blood work enables our team to test for various illnesses during both the pre-employment phase and for incident reporting

Hair Testing

We offer hair testing to analyze samples for drug use prior to employment.

Laceration Repair

Our experts have significant experience in the repair of all work-related lacerations.


We can offer casting and splinting services for all work-related injuries.

EKG Stress Test

Our EKG stress test can be deployed both within the pre-employment phase and during workers’ compensation insurance claims to analyze worker health.


In testing for exposure to asbestos and other dangerous elements, we often use a spirometry tool to review lung capacity.

Digital X-Rays

Our digital x-rays can help analyze workplace injuries and act as evidence during employee claims.

Trust Monument Occupational Medicine to meet all workplace injury, illness, and health testing requirements. To learn more about our occupational health services selection, or book a specialist consultation, call us now at 719-445-9852.

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