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Being A SelectNet Provider In Monument

Employers or the insurance company, in the state of Colorado, has the right to choose the physician treating work-related injuries, per the workers’ compensation law, who then becomes the designated medical provider. However, the following conditions apply:

  • Employees must be offered a list of four medical providers, corporate medical providers, or both, which they can choose from. Also, one of these selected four must be located at a distance from other provided physicians, with no common ownership.
  • When an employer is informed of an injury, they must provide injured employees with a written letter of notification listing designated providers.

In the case where no physician is designated properly, the injured employee has the right to choose a treating physician of their own choice.

Employers must choose dedicated physicians who would provide the best quality of medical care possible for an injured employee. Medical care which is proper and with quality is vital to maintain costs and reduce the effects of an employee’s injury. Furthermore, additional medical expenses can be saved by choosing preferred provider networks already established by an insurance company. Please contact your insurance company to inquire about such provider networks.

Monument Occupational Medicine for Your SelectNet Provider

Employers seeking a SelectNet provider in the Monument or Colorado Springs area should consider Monument Occupational Medicine for their choice. Monument Occupational Medicine is home to an experienced workers’ compensation medical team. The incredible physicians at Monument are experts in treating work injuries and provide the highest-quality treatment possible.

Successful Reduced Recovery Time

Each physician shares an understanding of the importance of a successful recovery. They provide a thorough service, safeguarding injured employees; designed to reduce recovery time, allowing them to quickly return to the workforce. This ensures impact of long-term injuries are alleviated for both the employer and employee.

Personalized Health Management

Monument Occupational Medicine provides personalized health management for every aspect of their workers’ compensation service. The medical team guides an injured employee through the entire process of recovery, providing them to access to experienced Level ll-certified physicians. The medical team at Monument has experience in all aspects of treating and overseeing work related injuries.

It is recommended to choose SelectNet medical providers prior to an injury. Also, be sure that all employees are informed of the designated providers whom you chose in writing.

The professionals at Monument Occupational Medicine are here to assist you and your employee every step of the way.

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Ensuring Safe Work Conditions

There are a lot of jobs that involve working with hazardous materials that you might not even have in mind. Sure, there are the obvious ones such as factory workers and chemists, but all around the country, there are thousands of people who might be exposing themselves to dangerous materials without even knowing about it. This is something that both workers and employers should be worried about because, as a worker, you should be concerned about your personal health, but as an employer, you should always be on the lookout for safer work conditions for your work force.

If you even suspect that the job your workers carry out might be putting them in contact with any kind of hazardous material, you shouldn’t be wasting any more time. Make sure you take precautionary measures right now in order to avoid complications later on that might lead to someone getting hurt.


HAZMAT Exams or Hazardous Material Exams are tests carried out by professionals that can help you determine whether the processes you or your workers carry out expose them to any kind of dangerous or toxic material that might put their health or well-being at risk. These exams will help you explore the processes carried out in your company in order to determine whether there are any moments when your people are getting exposed so that you can take corrective measures and make sure everyone stays safe at all times.

Getting a Professional Exam

Even though you can carry out a preliminary test to determine whether you’ve been missing something, considering the importance and sensitivity that toxic substances involve, you should always hire a professional to carry out the assessment in order to make sure everything is covered. If you are not sure about who you should be hiring, ask for references or do a little research before calling the first person that pops up in your online search.

Hazardous Materials in Medicine

One of the professions where workers are constantly in danger of coming into contact with dangerous materials is the health care profession. As health care professionals, they are in constant contact with people who carry all kinds of sickness and diseases and, as such, doctors, nurses and anyone in this profession should always be protected in order to be able to keep doing their job.

Make sure you are keeping your staff safe and get a HAZMAT Exam to help you correct any deficiencies and keep up the good preventive measures.


Article by Talk Out Loud

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