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Sports Physical For Kids

Why sports physicals are important for athletes and what you can expect your physician to cover during the $30 exam at Monument Occupational Medicine.


A sports physical, also known as a pre-participation physical, is very similar to an annual wellness physical exam. Sports physicals are intended to determine if the athlete is healthy enough to participate in sports and to help minimize the risk of sports-related injuries by identifying any existing issues or conditions. Ensuring so will help prevent negative impact on performance and promote overall welfare. Athletes are seeking medical clearance so they can train and compete safely.

It’s best to schedule an appointment before a new season begins even if a sports physical isn’t required in your state or school. Doctors highly recommend getting receiving one, and it can be done by your family doctor or pediatrician.

The extent of the exam varies among doctors, but the goals of are typically the same. These goals can of the following: Determine that the athlete is in general good health, assess the athlete’s present fitness level, detect conditions that predispose the athlete to new injuries, evaluate any existing injuries of the athlete and provide rehabilitation if needed, assess the size and developmental maturation of the athlete, detect congenital anomalies that increase the athlete’s risk of injury, and detect poor pre-participation conditioning that may put the athlete at increased risk. The exam consists of a comprehensive review of the athlete’s medical history followed by the physical examination. You can expect the doctor to provide a form stating the athlete is cleared to participate in sports if abnormalities were not found during the exam. These types of physicals can provide peace of mind for parents, coaches and the child that wants to play sports.

A visit to the doctor’s office will allow you, and the athlete, to keep their focus on the field. To prepare for your upcoming season in Monument Colorado Springs area, make an appointment for a $30 children’s sports physical at Monument Occupational Medicine.


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