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Employment Physicals in Monument and Colorado Springs

Harnessing our experience in workplace injury management, we complete a full range of employment physicals for a number of industries. Our team is committed to completing physicals with the goal of providing clear data on patient health. Included within our suite of services are the following:

Post-Offer Physicals

As part of our analysis services, we conduct employment physicals on patients going through the post-offer phase. This is ideal for ensuring the candidate is of the optimal health and doesn’t have any underlying conditions that may impact their ability to do the job.


The pre-employment physical is designed as a test for multiple candidates going through the interview phase of the employment process. Results help show the candidate has the physical capacity to take on the role.

Fit for Duty

Our fit for duty testing service ensures the candidate has the required medical profile to perform specific tasks at a work site, without risk to themselves or their coworkers.


Department of Transportation employment physicals certify commercial drivers for up to 24 months. The testing is designed to ensure the candidate is physically qualified to drive a commercial vehicle.


Occupational Safety and Health Administration physicals are often required to analyze the extent of a workplace injury and to monitor injured patients during their recovery. The results of OSHA testing can be used by patients and employers to safeguard legal claims.


Our sports physicals services enable us to monitor and identify specific sports injuries and guide patients in achieving their ideal recovery.

We continue to update our physicals services based on evolving industry needs. To book our services today, call our specialist team at 719-445-9852.

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