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House Aims to Block OSHA’s Volks Rule


A decision was made on March 1st, allowing an OSHA rule to be overturned. The Volks rule entailed that employers must keep injury and illness-related work records for a period of five years. However, some felt that this rule did nothing to improve safety and was intrusive. H.J. Res 83, the name of this resolution, was approved by a vote of 231-191.

Those who voted for the resolution to be passed were vocal about their discontent with the Volks rule. Bradley Bryne, a republican chairman, accused OSHA of making a “power grab” and would go on to state that the Volks Rule “does nothing to improve workplace safety.” However, there are still steps that must be completed for this resolution to become fully official.

Currently, the resolution will now be presented to the Senate for an official action to be made. Should the resolution continue to gain momentum, there is the possibility that it could become officially adopted. However, this resolution would still need to be signed off on by President Trump.

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