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Impairment Ratings

Impairment Ratings For Workers Compensation

A medical impairment rating is completed by an independent professional in an appointment known as an Impairment Rating Evaluation (IRE). The rating gives a percentage number – between 0 and 100 – to the level of impairment, so the worker, employer and insurer can all understand how much the worker has been injured and how much the impairment will affect work. The results of the medical impairment rating determine how long a person might get benefits, how much compensation he might receive and whether he’s expected to return to work.

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  • Personalized care by Level II certified doctors
  • Experienced in difficult cases
  • Prompt, efficient care
  • Return to work as quickly as possible
  • Digital X-Ray On Site
  • Drug Screening
  • Prescription Drug Monitoring
  • Referral to Physical Therapy to return to work as quickly as possible in restoring function
  • Experts in Clinical Case Management


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Dr. Anjmun Sharma, M.D.

Dr. Sharma is Level II Certified, and is often selected as a Division Medical Examiner in the State of Colorado. He also has extensive experience in Occupational Medicine.

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