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August 2017

SelectNet Provider

Being A SelectNet Provider In Monument

Employers or the insurance company, in the state of Colorado, has the right to choose the physician treating work-related injuries, per the workers’ compensation law, who then becomes the designated medical provider. However, the following conditions apply:

  • Employees must be offered a list of four medical providers, corporate medical providers, or both, which they can choose from. Also, one of these selected four must be located at a distance from other provided physicians, with no common ownership.
  • When an employer is informed of an injury, they must provide injured employees with a written letter of notification listing designated providers.

In the case where no physician is designated properly, the injured employee has the right to choose a treating physician of their own choice.

Employers must choose dedicated physicians who would provide the best quality of medical care possible for an injured employee. Medical care which is proper and with quality is vital to maintain costs and reduce the effects of an employee’s injury. Furthermore, additional medical expenses can be saved by choosing preferred provider networks already established by an insurance company. Please contact your insurance company to inquire about such provider networks.

Monument Occupational Medicine for Your SelectNet Provider

Employers seeking a SelectNet provider in the Monument or Colorado Springs area should consider Monument Occupational Medicine for their choice. Monument Occupational Medicine is home to an experienced workers’ compensation medical team. The incredible physicians at Monument are experts in treating work injuries and provide the highest-quality treatment possible.

Successful Reduced Recovery Time

Each physician shares an understanding of the importance of a successful recovery. They provide a thorough service, safeguarding injured employees; designed to reduce recovery time, allowing them to quickly return to the workforce. This ensures impact of long-term injuries are alleviated for both the employer and employee.

Personalized Health Management

Monument Occupational Medicine provides personalized health management for every aspect of their workers’ compensation service. The medical team guides an injured employee through the entire process of recovery, providing them to access to experienced Level ll-certified physicians. The medical team at Monument has experience in all aspects of treating and overseeing work related injuries.

It is recommended to choose SelectNet medical providers prior to an injury. Also, be sure that all employees are informed of the designated providers whom you chose in writing.

The professionals at Monument Occupational Medicine are here to assist you and your employee every step of the way.

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workers comp buyout

Buying Out Worker’s Comp Awards

When settling a workers’ compensation case, the judge might issue either a Findings and Award or Stipulations with Request for Award to the defendant, the workers’ compensation insurance carrier. When this occurs, the carrier may offer the plaintiff a lump sum settlement to “buy out” and completely close out the compensation claim. This is not done out of the goodness of the insurer’s heart. Instead, a workers’ compensation insurer might do this because the plaintiff’s claim is costing their company too much money and it reduces their liabilities owed on the company’s financial statement.

Pros and Cons of a Workers’ Compensation Buy Out

Accepting a buyout for a compensation claim is not always beneficial for the plaintiff. Often, the injured party is offered a lump sum of cash. Sometimes he or she is given a hybrid lump sum with the remainder dispersed over several years through an annuity. Once a claim has been settled for a lump sum, the insurer will no longer cover medical treatment through the workers’ compensation system. For some patients, this is a positive because it allows them to seek treatment from a doctor of their choice.

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fertility treatment

New York is now one of just 15 states where it is mandated that insurance companies cover infertility costs. On April 19, 2017, Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced an expansion under the state’s Insurance Law concerning coverage for fertility treatments. In his announcement, Cuomo stated:

All women who wish to have a child are entitled to insurance coverage for fertility treatment regardless of their sexual orientation or marital status, just as all women have the right to reproductive choice and to decide if and when to start a family, and New York will always stand up to protect and preserve those rights.

Previously, insurers were only required to provide coverage for women who were attempting to conceive naturally under how society has defined infertility in the past. The new guidelines introduced by Cuomo will provide a clearer and more up-to-date understanding on providing infertility treatment to all individuals.

Health insurers are now required to provide coverage to all women for fertility treatment regardless of their marital status, sexual orientation or gender identity.

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Medical Review Officer

In personal injury, workers’ compensation and medical malpractice cases, the need for an impartial opinion is crucial to both the injured party and the insurer. This is where medical reviewers are needed to provide their unbiased opinions regarding the medical care that is being given or has been given to the patient.

Benefits of an Unbiased Opinion

An unbiased opinion can benefit not only the insurer but also the injured party. A second set of eyes can make sure that appropriate care is being provided to the patient to avoid prolonging an injury that could, in turn, result in increased costs to both the insurer and their client in the form of higher premiums. But most importantly, a medical review helps weed out fraudulent claims and eliminates over-utilization. An independent medical reviewer’s unbiased opinion assists in determining what a fair claims settlement should be for all parties involved on both sides of a personal injury, workers’ compensation or medical malpractice case.

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