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Monument Occupational Medicine: Leaders in Workers Compensation Care

Here at Monument Occupational Medicine, our Workers Compensation medical team has significant experience responding to work injuries and delivering leading-class treatment. We understand the challenges work teams face in managing injuries and reducing recovery timeframes and provide a comprehensive service designed to safeguard employees and keep teams at their most productive. Our team is led by Dr. Anjmun Sharma.

Dr. Anjmun Sharma

Dr. Sharma has been a licensed physician in the state of Colorado for over a decade. He obtained his Doctor of Medicine degree from ROSS University and has an extensive background in surgical training. He completed his residency in family practice from Grant Medical Center in Ohio and moved to Colorado in 2007. Dr. Sharma is Board Certified in family practice and has extensive experience in Occupational Medicine.Dr. Sharma is Level II Certified and is often deployed as a Division Medical Examiner in the State of Colorado. He also has extensive experience in Clinical Case Management, providing expert testimony in administrative court, completing independent medical exams, determining causality, compensability, and managing catastrophic cases. In his spare time, Dr. Sharma enjoys photography and spending time with this family.


Why Choose Monument Occupation Medicine?

  • Case Experience

Our Workers Compensation medical team has comprehensive experience in dealing with challenging cases. We understand the importance of recovery success and have developed refined practices in response to difficult and persistent injuries.

  • Reduced Recovery Timeframes

We deliver on reduced recovery timeframes, mitigating the impact of long-standing injuries on the company and ensuring a productive, forward-thinking workforce.

  • Personalized Care

Each element of our Workers Compensation work is designed to support personalized Occupational health management. We guide patients in their recovery process and provide access to Level II-certified doctors with experience in treating and managing work injuries. A team of Workers Compensation medical professionals is ready to respond to both emergency and persistent injury challenges. To learn more, call us now at 719-445-9852.